Responsive Architecture

We believe that design is an action that is expressed by a feeling, an act of many different disciplines uniting in a common cause which is manifested into a built form. As one experiences this built form, emotions begin to interplay with the idea of spatial perception, meaning everyone’s reaction to a given space or place is a different encounter. Therefore the term we use to describe this experience is “Responsive Architecture.”

Bringing the Outside in

We utilize daylighting and surrounding nature to interact with interior spaces. By using translucent windows to filter diffuse natural light we create an immersive experience that adds an extra dimension of character throughout a given space. Leaving everyone who steps foot in the space a lasting impression

Key Design Elements

Jerel McCants Architecture takes a unique approach to projects using our Key Design Elements of: Approach, Sight and Material

Sustainable Development

Providing quality design services to the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area is our interest and our passion. Our firm is driven to promote sustainable growth by revitalizing those areas that have declined over the past few decades. We strengthen our influence in transforming the lives of these low to moderate income residents by using our abilities to create a delightful mix of housing units and residences to blend into the neighborhood fabric. These areas are the heart of the nation and we are personally vested in their success.

Let's Build Something Together